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Coaxial Connector E series
FGG  - E series
FGG - E series
FGG Straight male plug - E series
Ø  Shell Size Available: 1E,
Ø  Multiple Key Options: 30°, 40°,60° ,90°and more......
Ø  Terminal Type: Solder for cable
Ø  Back nut: nut for bend relief
Ø  Lead Time: 3-7 day


Ø  Straight male plug with nut for bend relief..
Ø  Push-pull self-latching system for mating and unmating easily.
Ø  Multi-contact types 1 to 6 contacts
Ø  Solder pins for cable
Ø  Watertight connection IP68
Ø  Keying system (<> key standard) for connector alignment
Ø  Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors
Ø  High packing density for space savings
Ø  360° screening for full EMC shielding.

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