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  • 作者: Jerry
  • 来源: Bapurik
  • 日期: 2015-09-20
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Push Pull Connector has range of applications including detection and measurement, medical,radio and television and communication etc.. With the expansion of various industries, they also increase demand for  Push Pull Connector.

The car:

The car/truck (internal), virtual collision, engine, emergency vehicles, signal generator, digital camera

Audio / video

Remote video system (dynamic) Action Camera - indoor (outside), analog audio / video, digital audio, HDTV HD,lighting and indoor (outside), microphone, media converter, video recording rocker arm



Aircraft/helicopter, baggage screening, UAV


Signal communication

Indoor - outdoor antenna, antenna, Headset microphone / IBFs (reporter), remote control, RF /u wave


Industrial control

Security/surveillance - interior, security / surveillance - Outdoor


Information system

Identification of equipment, computer (outdoor), input devices, printer / copiers, projectors, computers (outdoor)



Dirty/high temperature environment (such as: gear side), process control (for example: sensor), mechanical hand (for example: assembly line), pharmaceutical machinery, engineering machinery (excavator), petroleum equipment (pressure gauge, logging instrument), program-controlled welding machine, computer, flowmeter


Medical care
Analysis of machine,  process instrument, UL61010A, dental equipment, other equipment (sensors, catheter),electrosurgical devices, pacemakers and hearing aids, patient monitor, portable or household equipment,scanning equipment, sterilization equipment UL60601, sleep instrument, monitor, breathing apparatus, ultrasonic therapy apparatus, mini electric drill, nuclear magnetic resonance, blood pump, defibrillator, breathing machine, X machine, operation bed


Military project

Air cargo equipment, land transportation, personal equipment, satellites and space vehicles, ships and fleetequipment, interphone, digital soldier system, strengthening military radar, radio, computer, communication,control system



Communication and control, motion engine, remote sensing survey, aerial photography, new energy (wind power)


Nuclear power

Connector, hot chamber manipulator control closed-circuit television, processing equipment, the production of nuclear fuel, nuclear test equipment, nuclear power plant


Public utilities

Traffic signal / sensor, train and subway, search and rescue, fire fighting helmet, speed measuring system, High-speed Rail locomotive


Scientific research

The robot, sub atomic physics research, laboratory research,


Detection and measurement

GPS(portable or vehicle mounted), high pressure experiment, instrument, power supply, analyzer, meteorological sensors, quality monitoring, underwater (light source, sensor, pump), ultrasonic tester, electronic pressure meter,data acquisition, infrared thermal imager, nondestructive testing

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